Age of the Shinobi

The Era in which the Naruto Manga took place has passed. It has been 500 years since Uzumaki Naruto became a legend, though now new powers are riseing. Join this new Age of Naruto(tm), and begin your quest to fame...
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 meskai clan

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kobe L. mesaki


PostSubject: meskai clan   Wed May 13, 2009 11:08 pm

BL Name:kujaku
Clan Name:mesaki
Clan Symbol(Like the Uchiha fan, or the Uzumaki swirl...):
BL Description(What it looks like):these are people who can manipulate a chakra that changes color depending on the person using it and that forms into anything u wish and u can use against ur opponet. they have three eye lvls and each eye is givin a name. ex: destruction kujaku eyes. which mean u specialize in destruction. the stronger ones may have more than one name the leader has to have at least two

eye lvl 1:the kujaku is at its weakest stage here u always start out as this

eye lvl 2: the kujaku is stronger and more effective and the user can manipulate the chakra into more shapes and sizes(chunnin +)

master eyes (lvl 3):complete control over the kujaku and is now able to be a sepecialst in two thing taught by the leader or someone else(jounin +)
BL History(This is optional):
BL Activation(How does the BL activate? The requirements for it?):it activates when the current leader send his kujaku into the person being activated which is excrutiatingly painful to the person being activated and this causes the person to be activated and the color of the persons kujaku is random but black is the rarest followed by gold them silver
BL Abilities(List the things it can do.):it can become any animal or thing and can become solid enough to attack something. it can also enter someone(master eyes only)and cause them pain
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meskai clan
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