Age of the Shinobi

The Era in which the Naruto Manga took place has passed. It has been 500 years since Uzumaki Naruto became a legend, though now new powers are riseing. Join this new Age of Naruto(tm), and begin your quest to fame...
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 Mizukage's Office[Kirigakure No Satos Leader's Office]

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Jason N. Kachimasu


Character Information
Village: Kirigakure No Sato
Character Age: 20

PostSubject: Mizukage's Office[Kirigakure No Satos Leader's Office]   Sat Apr 25, 2009 5:16 pm

Jason sat peaceful in his office,looking over important papers that concerned his village."What to do now?"He said,yawning,and staring out the window.
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Mizukage's Office[Kirigakure No Satos Leader's Office]
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